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How to use

  1. Register account on
  2. Redeem your key on website
  3. Activate key that was delivered to your email.
  4. Download loader.

For support & downtime compensation:

Info (CS2)

Get the edge you’ve been looking for in your games. Designed for both Windows 10 & 11 and optimized for both AMD & Intel processors.

🎯 Vector Aimbot: Advanced aim-assist features like Target Bone selection, FOV adjustments, and much more to enhance your shooting precision.

👁 Visuals: From Health Bars to Skeleton overlays, our tool provides a suite of visual enhancements that can help you assess the battlefield in an instant.

Info (FiveM)

Elevate your FiveM experience on Windows 10 & 11, fully optimized for AMD & Intel processors.

🎯 Aimbot Mastery: Gain ultimate control over your shots with features like Draw FOV, No Recoil, customizable hotkeys, and more, while maintaining utmost discretion with Stream & Discord Proof capabilities.

👁 Enriched Visuals: Engage with enhanced visual aids like Box, Corner Box, Health Bar, and an exhaustive ESP suite, while selectively ignoring PEDs and the deceased.

🛠️ User Powers: Become invincible with Godmode, Infinite Armor, and a plethora of other features, all while maintaining a stealthy presence online.

🚗 Vehicular Control: Dictate your ride’s fate with Boost, Godmode, and mechanical adjustments at your fingertips.

🕵️ Users & Interactions: Manage interactions with a detailed Player List, Teleportation to players, and friendly additions.

🔐 Assured Privacy & Security: Your in-game actions remain your secret with our Stream & Discord Proof technology.


CS2 – 1 day, CS2 – 7 days, CS2 – 30 days, FiveM – 30 days

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